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UFNet2: Unified, Secure Virtual Network

Medical Researcher

Open high-speed networks are a key component of collaborative research and teaching, but many UF faculty and staff work with sensitive data which requires the protection of a closed network. Enter UFNet2, a unified and secure virtual network environment for UF! The service is now available in some campus buildings, with more scheduled to be enabled this year.

Unlike networks that are dependent on physical location, the flexibility of UFNet2 allows users in any enabled campus building to join one of five networks: Academic, Administrative, Health, ScienceDMZ, or External. Each network is tailored to provide access based on security roles and type of user. This service will make it easier for researchers to share data and collaborate across campus.

Those interested in connecting to UFNet2 should contact their departmental or unit-based IT support staff to ensure access to networked services (such as file shares and printers) is not disrupted after changing from the current environment to another environment.

UFNet2 documentation will be posted soon on the Research Computing website. For more information, including a list of currently enabled buildings, please email Erik Deumens, Director, UF Research Computing.