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UFApps for Faculty and Research Launched

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The technology powering UFApps for Students is now available in two new services: UFApps for Faculty offers the same applications as the Student service while UFApps for Research provides specific applications for more data and computation intensive research work.

With more than 10,000 application launches by students each week, UFApps is a key tool for those who need access to its 60+ applications. Through UFApps for Faculty, the same access to applications, including AutoCAD, ArcGIS, Minitab, MatLab, SAS, Solidworks, and SPSS, is now possible. Like UFApps for Students, faculty can access the service from any device, at anytime, anywhere they have an Internet connection. It is important to note that the statistical applications in UFApps for Faculty are optimized for use with homework-sized data sets. Faculty can learn more on the UFApps website. (Technical assistance is available 24/7 through the UF Computing Help Desk.)

UFApps for Research is a pilot program allowing researchers engaged with UFIT’s Research Computing department to leverage Windows-based applications. The UFApps for Research pilot provides a full, virtual Windows desktop along with access to data stored on Research Computing storage. Please email UF Research Computing for more information on joining the UFApps for Research pilot service.