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Spring 2021 Research Computing Training

GRAPHIC: Research Computing "live" Training

UFIT Research Computing recently announced the following trainings for the UF community wanting to maximize their time using HiPerGator or some of the popular applications associated with high performance computing. (In addition to these offerings, Research Computing will also host a Spring HiPerGator Symposium and planning an “AI Bootcamp” as well.)

Jan. 21, 10:40-12:00: Introduction to Research Computing and HiPerGator

Jan. 28, 10:40-12:00: An Introduction to the Linux Command Line

Feb. 4, 10:40-12:00: HiPerGator: SLURM Submission Scripts

Feb. 11, 10:40-12:00: HiPerGator: SLURM Scripts for MPI Jobs

Feb. 18, 10:40-12:00: Running Graphical Applications on HiPerGator

Feb. 25, 10:40-12:00: Jupyter Lab & Jupyter Notebooks for R, Python and more

Mar. 4, 10:40-12:00: Git and

The full research computing training schedule is online: We recently hired a campus training lead for AI! Information on the increased training options available to support the university’s AI Initiative will be posted soon.