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Shining a Light on Palliative Care

PHOTO: Streetlight volunteers visits patient

UF Health’s palliative care program for teens is bringing meaningful experiences to patients. Streetlight provides patients between the ages of 13 to 29 with communities of support while they’re in the hospital. To improve and better manage patient engagement, the Streetlight team is using ResVault, the university’s secure environment for storing and accessing restricted and sensitive information.

Streetlight allows patients who undergo frequent or lengthy hospitalizations the opportunity to interact with undergraduate volunteers and participate in activities, including a gaming league and movie nights. After each patient visit, volunteers record takeaways from their interactions. With the help of ResVault, the documentation process has been converted from paper to electronic, and patients’ personal health information is stored in a secure environment. This data is used to evaluate the success of Streetlight’s initiatives and determine the best engagement methods based on patient feedback. Drew Walker, assistant director of Streetlight, said that ResVault has given him peace of mind:

“That whole process is really made possible through ResVault. With its more robust database, I really see this being a huge opportunity for us to build stronger connections between patients and volunteers.”

Researchers are welcome to visit for more information about ResVault and other support services available.