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Revolutionizing Patient Care with AI

GRAPHIC: "Revolutionizing Patient Care with AI" Photos of HiPerGator and a medical practitioner checking a patient's pulse

UF Health collaborated with NVIDIA to create GatorTron™, a natural language processing model that accelerates the medical research process, paving the way for life-saving discoveries. The creation of GatorTron™ was enabled by HiPerGator, UF’s AI supercomputer. With 1,120 Ampere A100 GPUs and 700 petaflops of AI processing speed, HiPerGator is the fastest supercomputer in U.S. higher education. As proof of its speed, GatorTron™ was trained on HiPerGator in seven days.

In July 2020, Provost and Senior VP for Academic Affairs Joseph Glover announced an initiative to infuse AI across the university. To support transformational science and discovery, UFIT completed major upgrades to the UF Data Center and built the third generation of HiPerGator in six months.

GatorTron™ enables researchers to easily identify patients for clinical studies. With 10 years of patient data from over 50 million patient interactions, GatorTron™ is the first clinical natural language processing model of its scale. The model was trained to recognize medical terminology in patient notes. Now all that information is easily extracted, reducing the time it takes to find candidates for clinical trials from months to minutes. The full story is available on the Research Computing website.