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Research Computing Website Reorganized

IMAGE: 2017 HiPerGator Supercomputer Graphic draw in Illustrator

The Research Computing website has been revised to make it easier for those involved in supercomputing and storing data at UF to find what they need. Changes to the website include:

  1. “Services” are now grouped by system: HiPerGator, ResShield and ResVault, Campus Research Network, and Advanced Support.
  2. The “About > Policies > Storage” page describes the changes in storage services, including the new low cost storage option for keeping very large amounts of data accessible, but at lower performance than the /ufrc file system. Different storage types are explained, and different ways of using the storage are offered.
  3. The “Help > Getting Started” page now provides general guidance to using Research Computing services for computation and for managing data. “Getting Started” also lists other options available for accessing applications and storing data.
  4. At user request, a new page was created providing an index to the entire website.
  5. Price sheets are updated. Purchases for cores and storage for the lifetime of the hardware, considered an equipment purchase, is now separate from the purchase of use of cores and storage, which is considered a service by auditors. UF prices (which are subsidized) have not changed, but the commercial and discounted commercial prices have been adjusted.

Anyone with questions about the recent website revisions or about the services offered by Research Computing may email Director Erik Deumens.