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Research Computing Matching Program

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The Research Computing Matching Program, now in its third year, has $300,000 available in 2013 for faculty who participate in one of the system acquisitions by the High Performance Computing Center. The program effectively doubles the buying power to support research needs for faculty working with the HPC.

Participants of the program must be members of the UF faculty. Investments below $3,200 are not eligible. Matching funds may be applied to CPUs, GPUs, and storage in any combination.

The deadline to submit a proposal for 2013 funds is August 31, 2013.

Matching fund grants are at the discretion of the director of Research Computing, and investments above $25,000 may be matched at a lower rate. These decisions are made so that as many faculty as possible have the opportunity to benefit from the program. Faculty can find the template for submitting a proposal on the Proposals Web page.

More information about the Research Computing Matching Program is available online. Questions and proposals may be sent to Erik Deumens, Director of Research Computing, or Charles Taylor, Associate Director.