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Research Computing Grows in Capacity, Prominence

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Research computing at the University of Florida has come a long way since 2010.

Four years ago, there were 95 research groups and 29 departments utilizing the research computing unit. At the time, a total of 400 system users were vying for just 200 TB of available storage. VP & CIO Elias Eldayrie worked with the university’s academic leadership to solidify commitments for expansion of both the technical resources and necessary staff support. In less than four years’ time, UF research computing storage has grown to 5 PB. There are now 327 research groups from 87 departments utilizing Research Computing services to advance their high-impact research, with help from dedicated staff who are accomplished in scientific fields as well as in advanced computing systems.

The unveiling of HiPerGator last spring, the state’s only supercomputer, launched the University of Florida into rarefied company. HiPerGator is already ranked among the top500 supercomputers in the world:

#10 Among Public Universities in the U.S.
#14 Among All Universities in the U.S.
#493 Among All Supercomputers Worldwide

Reinforcing their commitment to research faculty, the Provost, Vice President for Research, and the CIO’s Office recently extended their funding commitment levels for high-impact computing for an additional five years, to 2020. Visit the Research Computing Advisory Committee webpage to learn more about the university‚Äôs research computing initiatives.