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RC Consultant Program Offered Prior to New Academic Year

PHOTO: UFIT Research Computing staff with VP & CIO Elias Eldayrie in front of HiPerGator supercomputer.

“I found the Research Computing Consulting Program to be very helpful,” said Clint Collins, IT Manager for the Physics department. “I learned how to use the various services provided by UFIT for different use cases much better after taking this training.”

The Research Computing Consultant Program (RCCP) is a four-session training for staff to learn how they can assist faculty and researchers utilize and maximize UF’s research computing resources. Among other insights, participants learn to:

Match faculty needs to the appropriate UFIT resources
Get involved in the grant seeking process early on
Develop stronger communication skills and become more efficient research facilitators

Registration is open for the third offering of RCCP. The program’s four sessions are scheduled for July 30, August 1, August 6, and August 8, with all sessions held in Hub 221. Training is facilitated by Research Computing staff, which proved very beneficial for previous participant Collins:

“One of the best parts of the training was meeting the RC staff. They gave very detailed answers to everyone’s questions and it was obvious how much they really care about delivering a great experience for RC users.”

Anyone with questions may contact RC training coordinator Matt Gitzendanner.