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Research Community Convenes to Share Results and Ideas for Additional Discovery

PHOTO: Ph.D. candidate Sergio Marconi presenting at the 2019 HiPerGator Symposium.

Ph.D. candidates, postdoctoral associates, undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty from IFAS and eight of UF’s 16 colleges attended the second annual HiPerGator Symposium. The event, sponsored by UFIT and the UF Informatics Institute, showcases research and discovery enabled by HiPerGator, the University of Florida supercomputer.

“I use HiPerGator extensively and attending today’s event gave me some new ideas about micro-partitioning data,” said Sergio Marconi (pictured), a Ph.D. candidate in UF’s School of Natural Resources and Environment. “The data will be more flexible this way.”

Presenters submitted abstracts that were reviewed by UFIT Research Computing staff. The full event agenda is available online. Anyone who would like information on how to get started using HiPerGator, or learn more about the symposium or other outreach and training activities offered, may contact Director of Research Computing Erik Deumens.