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HiPerGator Speed Measured in Teraflops

PHOTO: Closeup of computer equipment

HiPerGator, the University of Florida’s supercomputer for research, has a maximum speed of 1,100 teraflops. A teraflop is a measurement of a computer’s speed and is expressed in floating-point operations (FLOPS). It is this level of speed, along with the storage and power built into HiPerGator, that enables UF faculty to expand their research ideas and think about what is possible.

For those not well versed in tech talk like teraflops and floating points, this can be hard to relate to! Let’s break it down:
Floating-point operations per second (FLOPS) measure how many calculations involving floating-point numbers, particularly decimals that a processor can solve, in the space of one second. A teraflop is the capability of a processor to calculate one trillion of these FLOPS. A petaflop is one thousand teraflops.
To compare this capability to something probably in your home: The processing speed of HiPerGator is equivalent to the combined speed of 600 PlayStation 4 and 840 Xbox One gaming stations. Now that’s fast!

Learn how to set up an account on HiPerGator, along with UFIT’s training, consulting, and support services for research faculty, by visiting the Research Computing website.