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HiPerGator Enables Diverse Research @ UF

Intro to the HiPerGator supercomputer image

In layman’s terms, HiPerGator has the speed of 600 PlayStation 4 consoles and 840 Xbox One gaming stations combined, and its memory is equivalent to 240 million books. That capacity and capability led to its recognition in November, 2015 as the second most powerful supercomputer in U.S. public universities. How does this translate to enabling research at UF?

UF is a partner institution for the Large Hadron Collider CMS experiment, which led to the discovery of the Higgs boson particle in 2012.

Gene Sequencing
Researchers at UF gene sequence plants, animals, and multiple aspects of human DNA, even conducting research while at sea.

Among the ways UF engineering faculty utilize HiPerGator is for wind modeling, in order to reduce loss of life and property during natural disasters.

As social media grows, so does its effect on culture. UF researchers are mining social media data to analyze its influence.

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