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HiPerGator 2.0: Expanding Capacity and Capability

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Work to expand HiPerGator capacity and capability is now underway.

HiPerGator, the University of Florida supercomputer, has been a great success since researchers started using it in August, 2013. HiPerGator is now performing complex calculations and data analyses for researchers and scholars at UF and their collaborators worldwide. HiPerGator currently has 16,000 cores and two PetaBytes of fast storage for large data sets. The expansion of HiPerGator will meet current demand and expected growth by adding 30,000 cores and another PetaByte for data. With some older clusters still in operation, this will bring the total computing capacity for UF researchers to 51,000 cores and three PetaBytes of storage.

Expanding HiPerGator is a huge undertaking: 24 new computer racks were delivered and assembled in September. After system testing is complete, the newly enhanced HiPerGator will go into production, with an expected operational date targeted for the first week of November.

Some technical details about HiPerGator 2.0 can be found on the Research Computing website. For more information about HiPerGator or any other high performance computing service, please contact Erik Deumens, director of Research Computing.