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High Performance Computing Center Migrates to RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.3

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After running on the open-source CentOS environment for several years, UF Research Computing is migrating to RedHat Enterprise Linux (6.3), The decision, made after extensive testing, means the High Performance Computing (HPC) Center can continue providing a stable and current software environment for the research computing community.

Migration began in July. The six-week migration schedule was designed to minimize inconvenience for HPC users. The RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 (RHEL6) migration will be completed by August 31.

There are significant changes as a result from the migration to RHEL6. Most applications—and all MPI-based applications—must be recompiled. Many software packages are already installed and built for the new platform. Users can submit a support request if needed software is not listed. (Requests will be honored as quickly as possible. In the meantime, HPC users may continue using the EL5 version.)

For additional information about the RedHat Enterprise Linux migration or any of HPC’s services, contact Research Computing director Erik Deumens or associate director Charles Taylor.