Expanding External Usage of HiPerGator

SCREEN CAPTURE: InCommon for HiPerGator

Federated identity access allows only authorized users secure access to multiple services and domains via a single set of verified credentials. To support federated access to HiPerGator, on Monday, Sept. 19, 2022, the following websites will be updated to use the InCommon Discovery Service:

jupyterhub.rc.ufl.edu and jhub.rc.ufl.edu
ondemand.rc.ufl.edu and ood.rc.ufl.edu

InCommon is an integrated service enabling single sign-on, access to cloud and local services, and global collaboration. UF faculty with collaborators at other InCommon federated institutions will benefit by not having to arrange GatorLink IDs for them. State university system and SEC institution faculty will also benefit, because they will now be able to use their institutional account credentials; a boon for those institutions’ instructors teaching large classes using HiPerGator AI.

Users will be directed to the InCommon Federation Discovery website after the update is complete. Be sure the ‘Remember selection for this web browser session’ checkbox is selected to skip this step in the future on the same computer. Then, select ‘University of Florida’ from the dropdown. After selecting University of Florida, users will be directed to the GatorLink login page (https://login.ufl.edu/).

UFIT wants all HiPerGator ecosystem users to be aware of this impending change. Anyone with questions about these InCommon federated access additions may contact Training and Biocomputing Specialist Dr. Matt Gitzendanner.