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Evaluating Electronic Lab Notebook Usage

GRAPHIC: Two Examples of Electronic Lab Notebooks

The University of Florida is looking to better understand research needs regarding support for data that is created, stored, and/or managed using an electronic lab notebook (ELN). (Sometimes referred to as an electronic research notebook.) To accomplish this, faculty and research staff are asked to complete the ELN @ UF survey. There are 14 questions that take less than 10 minutes to complete: ELN @UF survey link

This survey was developed by a working group interested in exploring, evaluating, and recommending ELN solutions at the institutional level. ELNs are software systems for documenting research. In its most basic form, an ELN might provide a word-processor-like interface to replicate the way you currently use a paper notebook, but with additional benefits such as shareability, searchability, password protection, and backup. Many ELN packages offer a wealth of other features, including enabling data management, collaboration, integration with other software, and laboratory information management.

This survey is intended to gather data on current use, future needs, and research use cases at UF involving the management of data using some form of electronic lab/research notebooks. The ELN@UF Survey will be open from June 1 to July 30, 2020. Anyone with questions about the survey or the ELN working group may email Data Management Librarian Plato Smith.