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Enrollment Open: 2020 Gator Computing Program

PHOTO: Students Presenting Their Final Project (A Video Game) at the 2019 Gator Computing Program Closing Day Event.

Deep learning…Supercomputing…Structural Aerodynamics…are just some of the topics rising 9th-11th graders in UFIT’s 2020 Gator Computing Program will learn about. Along with numerous hands-on coding classes and hearing from preeminent UF faculty involved in world-class research, GCP participants visit several university labs and get up close with HiPerGator, the University of Florida supercomputer and one of the most powerful computers in the country.

“I thought the lecture on social media querying and social archiving was really amazing, Dr. Dobrin was very passionate about it,” says Gage F., an 11th grader from Tampa’s Robinson Senior High School. “But for me the pathogen lecture was the best. I learned how things evolve over time. Learning about the genome of a pathogen like Zika has made me want to go to medical school.”

The dates for the 2020 Gator Computing Program are June 1-12, 2020. The Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. program includes lunch and snacks. Full scholarships are available and students with any financial need are encouraged to apply. Details on how to apply are available on UF-CPET’s Gator Computing Program page.