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Enabling Research @ UF Family Data Center

PHOTO: Photo of the UF Family Data Center research team.

Billions of rows of data that is subject to specific protections under federal and state laws…UF’s Institute for Child Health Policy & the Family Data Center leverages this incredible data volume, often referred to as “Big Data”, to investigate ways to improve healthcare delivery in Florida. But first, staff must ensure the records they are entrusted with are safe from exposure.

Dr. Mildred Maldonado-Molina is leading the efforts at the Family Data Center. She worked closely with UFIT to develop a solution that works for research while also compliant with all information security and privacy laws. A scientist, she and her team did not have the time or expertise to build the necessary computing infrastructure. Roland Estrella, manager of clinical research for the Department of Health Outcomes and Biomedical Informatics, summarizes what was built:

“Working with UFIT, the Family Data Center developed a robust computing environment. We have on-demand access to data from multiple state agencies and the capacity to process billions of medical and administrative records under strict federal information security guidelines.”

Visit to learn more about restricted data environments at UF, or contact Director of Research Computing Erik Deumens to schedule a consultation.