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Enabling Collaboration and Research on Restricted, Confidential Data

Photo of GatorVault taken Jan 2015

ResearchVault has begun operation, with a limited set of early adopter researchers. ResearchVault is UF’s secure computing environment enabling collaboration and research on restricted and confidential data (mostly protected health information or PHI.) Developed by UFIT and Tera Insights, LLC, ResearchVault provides a secure, pre-approved information system to store and work on restricted data, with the ability to scale large data storage needs and complex computation requirements. (View the process workflow diagram here.) Using ResearchVault, researchers can:

  • Securely store restricted data like electronic protected health information (ePHI)
  • Work with larger data sets than possible on a regular workstation or departmental server
  • Perform work on stored data sets with familiar software tools running in virtual machines, similar to UFApps
  • Concurrently run more programs than on a regular workstation
  • Display results on a graphical interface that is securely transmitted to remote devices such as desktops, laptops, or iPads
  • Collaborate on data sets, with researchers at UF or anywhere in the world

Production support for more researchers is expected to start in February. More specifics are available on the Research Computing website. Anyone with questions about ResearchVault may email Erik Deumens, director of UF Research Computing.