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Conducting Genome Analysis at UF for Global Benefit

PHOTO: Headshot of Dr. Ana Conesa, UF Professor of Microbiology and Cell Science

Why are more men than women around the world dying from COVID-19? This is the question that UF’s Dr. Ana Conesa, professor of microbiology and cell science, along with a team of researchers and clinicians from the U.S. and Europe are trying to understand.

“The mortality rate is higher for men worldwide, even though infection rates are very similar,” says Conesa. We are looking to explain these differences so we can identify new ways to combat the virus and help determine treatment.”

Conesa received a grant from the University of Florida’s COVID-19 emergency research funding program of 15 compute cores and 15 terabytes of storage on HiPerGator. UF’s research ecosystem has many resources to help faculty advance their science. Since joining UF in 2014, Conesa has formed a strong partnership with UFIT’s team of supercomputing consultants. Many of the research and clinical investigations underway pertaining to COVID-19 are enabled by UFIT, whose staff manage HiPerGator and provide consulting, application, and training support.

UFIT Research Computing Director Dr. Erik Deumens is enthusiastic about how UF can enable COVID-19 research:

“We have the technical resources to make our researchers’ lines of inquiry a reality. Recent storage upgrades and the coming addition of NVIDIA’s DGX™ A100 system give UF research the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.”