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Commercial Rates for HiPerGator Usage, Related Storage

PHOTO: Close-up of a HiPerGator supercomputer rack. Taken at UF East Campus Data Center.

HiPerGator and supported storage options may be available for use by companies and for research not affiliated with the University of Florida. Information for setting up an off-campus account may be found on the Commercial Pricing webpage, which details the rates for HiPerGator, ResVault, and ResShield storage.

Discounted commercial rates are applicable to purchases by UF-supported startup companies, such as those associated with the Innovation Hub
Full commercial rates are applicable to purchases by a limited number of organizations that meet certain qualifications

Pricing for commercial customers is different from the rates for UF faculty research because the university subsidizes their costs. UFIT determines commercial rates by calculating the total cost recovery for providing a product or service, including amortization of equipment and infrastructure. For questions regarding services, eligibility, and costs, visit the Commercial Pricing webpage and click the blue “Submit Inquiry” button on the far left side of the page. After receiving the completed inquiry submission form, a Research Computing specialist will contact you about your compute needs.