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Brain Rehabilitation Research Data Moves to GatorBox

Free Image of Brain Scan

UF Research Computing recently relocated 16 Terabytes (TB) of data for the Brain Rehabilitation Research Center (BRRC) from UF’s Health Science Center storage systems. Moving 16 TB is not as easy as one might think from experience with copying personal files. A single high-definition movie is about 2 Gigabytes. Copying 16 Terabytes corresponds to copying about 8,000 such movies.

“It took about a month of planning, preparation, and testing in order to be ready for the move,” said Research Computing system administrator Jon Akers. “Once we had everything in place, we were able to transfer all of the data in approximately five days. We then spent a couple of days verifying that the data copy was complete and intact.”

The data includes MRI brain scans and catalogued research video. Geof Gowan, IT manager for the College of Public Health & Health Professions, said the main reason the center opted to move its data was cost. The college is currently monitoring the experience the BRRC has with accessing data now managed by Research Computing. “We’re also interested in potentially using Research Computing’s storage offerings,” Gowan said.

The BRRC is funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Researchers and departments interested in discussing their storage needs should contact Erik Deumens, director, UF Research Computing.