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World Class Wireless Implementation in UF Residence Halls

PHOTO: UFSA-IT staff member installing wireless access point in a resident’s room in Broward Hall.

The Division of Student Affairs is implementing “World Class Wireless” this summer in UF’s residence halls.

World Class Wireless (WCW) is a standard of exceptional, reliable signal strength and speed in every resident’s room. With WCW, residents can also connect to popular media devices such as Apple TV, Google ChromeCast, and Amazon Fire using their mobile devices through UF wireless. Prior to this project, wireless was provided in lounges and common spaces, with Ethernet being the recommended reliable connection for residents.

To establish the WCW standard, UF Students Affairs IT defined and implemented a standard for signal strength in residents’ rooms, worked with Cisco engineers to use a new wireless access point, developed a highly available wireless infrastructure, and upgraded the UF Student Affairs Help Desk and after-hour support capabilities.

As of June 2017, the World Class Wireless implementation is complete with the exception of Beaty, Jennings, Rawlings, Tolbert, and Weaver Halls. All residence halls will have WCW by the end of the year. This project is a collaboration between UF Student Affairs IT, UF Housing, and UF Information Technology. Please visit the project website to learn more and verify WCW progress in the remaining residence halls.