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Wireless Network: “Switch From UF to Eduroam” Messaging Begins March 25

SCREEN CAPTURE: Showing what happens when an older operating system is detected when trying to connect to the UF wireless network .

In July 2018, UFIT announced that the “UF” network connection point (SSID) would stop appearing as an available connection point during the spring 2019 semester. Beginning March 25, any new users attempting to access the wireless network using “UF” will be directed to and required to switch to “eduroam”. Starting on May 8, existing wireless users who haven’t changed their mobile devices to “eduroam” will begin receiving emails, reminding them to make the switch. Changing your wireless default from “UF” to “eduroam” takes only a minute to do:

1. Join the “ufgetonline” onboarding wireless network on your device.
2. Then, type in your web browser.
3. Follow the prompts and…you’re good to go!

The “UF” SSID will be deprecated prior to the Fall term. At the close of Summer B, anyone still trying to use the “UF” connection point will be forwarded to and required to change their device settings. Please contact the UF Computing Help Desk (132 Hub, 352-392-HELP/4357, if you need help switching to eduroam.