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WinServer 2016 Domain Controllers Deploying in Spring

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UFIT will deploy new Windows Server 2016 domain controllers into the University of Florida’s Active Directory in 2019. Older Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012 R2 domain controllers will then be demoted and decommissioned. This work is necessary because critical system and security patches will no longer be published by Microsoft for Windows Server 2008 R2 after January 14, 2020. Not performing this upgrade would leave the University of Florida’s Active Directory services vulnerable to any future bugs and/or exploits.

The project goal is to have the work completed by the end of the 2019 spring semester. UFIT is currently developing the workplan and timeline for the project, with the planning process complete by the start of the spring 2019 semester. (More information will be communicated once the timeline is finalized.) All applications or scripts hard coded to use specific domain controllers will need to be changed to prior to the deployment of the new servers.

Anyone needing additional information about the Windows Server 2016 domain controllers deployment may contact Deepak Sharma (, 352-392-2061).