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Upgrading UF Systems for Inbound and Outbound Email

PHOTO: Students on mobile devices in Pugh Hall

UFIT is upgrading the systems that process inbound and outbound email.  These new systems are expected to provide improvements in email scanning and filtering, helping to better protect users from malicious email coming from outside the university.  Upgrade work begins February 21.  If any of the three bullet points below describe your use of UF email, then you may notice some changes as part of this upgrade:

  • You use an email client other than Outlook or Outlook Web App to send email
  • You use advanced Proofpoint features at
  • You use the Proofpoint Encryption service

If any of these situations reflect your UF email usage (or someone whose devices you support), then please visit for more information.  At no time during this transition will UFIT solicit your password or other information via email or any other means. 

Be wary of emails threatening to disable services unless you provide personal information! 
If you receive such an email and are unsure of its authenticity then please contact the
UF Computing Help Desk.