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Upgrade to UF’s “Spam Catcher”

Spam Email Quarantine Image

UFIT will be updating ProofPoint, the email scanning tool in use with UF email systems.

The ProofPoint tool checks all emails that pass through the campus SMTP services. ProofPoint helps protect the university’s networks and computers by identifying and blocking spam and emails suspected of being potentially hazardous, such as an email with an unsafe attachment. The upgrade is being performed so UF will continue receiving technical support from the vendor–the current software is out of date. No email “downtime” is expected during this upgrade.

When ProofPoint identifies a suspicious email, the message is quarantined, and the recipient of the email is prompted to follow a link and either release the email to their inbox or confirm the email is spam and delete.

All faculty and staff with UF Exchange email accounts should check their current quarantined messages. Currently-quarantined emails must be released or deleted at the original URL before the upgrade to ProofPoint, scheduled for 6am on Tuesday May 7. All quarantined emails received after the upgrade will be located at

For help retrieving quarantined email or any other questions related to the ProofPoint upgrade, visit (132 Hub) or contact the UF Computing Help Desk.