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UF’s Internet Bandwidth Increased by 30%

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At its August board meeting, Florida LambdaRail, LLC approved an increase in commodity Internet bandwidth at no additional cost for its equity members. Because of this decision, the University of Florida is now experiencing a 30% bandwidth increase over previous levels at the same price.

The increase keeps UF ahead of current demand in terms of commodity Internet bandwidth. Available bandwidth is important for teaching, research, outreach, and innovation: The boost in bandwidth provides assurance for faculty, students, staff, and the companies and start-ups at Innovation Hub that UF can handle pretty much any application they want to use. The university now has more than 5.3Gbps of commodity bandwidth spread across two commodity providers (FLR and Cox). This is in addition to the 20Gbps of available capacity through Internet content/service providers like Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Facebook, and others; and the 100Gbps of dedicated Research bandwidth.

Innovation requires spare bandwidth capacity and UFIT is committed to enabling an innovative environment for The Gator Nation. Anyone with questions about the commodity Internet bandwidth increase may email Tom Livoti, Director of Network Services.