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UFIT Offers Low-Cost Option for Archival Storage Needs

Collage of reasons why you'd use archival storage solution

UFIT now offers a high capacity/low cost storage option. Available to UF colleges, departments, centers, institutes, and direct-service organizations, this service offering was developed in response to customer requests for a campus-based, inexpensive archival storage solution.

“High cap/low cost storage is an excellent option for colleges looking to archive years of large files, like video and image files,” said Iain Moffat, an assistant director in UFIT. “We are also pleased that, when we evaluated our costs for delivering storage solutions for campus, we found ways to create some efficiencies and pass the savings on to the customer.”

This service is an excellent alternative to maintaining years of historical files locally. Recommended use cases include archival, digital preservation, media storage, and other rarely accessed, lower performance data sets. This might include some non-restricted research data and historical video files. New pricing in effect for storage and other hosting services are listed on UFIT’s Hosting website. For more information about the high capacity/low cost storage service or to schedule a meeting with the Hosting group, please email