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UF Dropbox Open to Student Research Collaborators

PHOTO: Graduate students in the Emerging Pathogens Institute (June 2017)

UF Dropbox for Education has proved a useful–and much used–tool since its launch in May, 2016. The service’s high storage capacity enables academic and research collaboration using the same interface and functionality of a personal Dropbox account. This service is also available to students who work on research projects.

Visit to sign up for the service. The signup process includes watching a short training video that outlines what types of data may be stored in UF Dropbox. Student research collaborators can request an account through a sponsoring faculty member.

More information regarding this service, including student sponsorship guidance and specific data use restrictions, is available on the UF Dropbox FAQ page. Anyone needing assistance creating or using their UF Dropbox account may contact the UF Computing Help Desk at 352-392-HELP/4357 or