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UF Data Center Facility

UF Data Center Facade

Principal construction on the UF Data Center has been completed. The new facility, located on UF’s East Campus, provides the computational and storage needs for numerous university-wide systems, including the online “e-Learning” course management system, email, and the Oracle-PeopleSoft systems that power myUFL. The Data Center is also now home to the High Performance Computing Center, with space for over 150 racks of computing, storage, and networking equipment.

The UF Data Center is connected to the Campus Research Network via a 100 gigabit per second (Gbps) fiber-optic link, with connectivity to Florida LambdaRail, LLC and the Internet2 Innovation Platform. By this summer, the speed that data can travel from campus to points around the globe will be 200 Gbps, elevating UF’s high performance research to world-class capacity.

The UF Data Center:
• Provides for continuity of operations and disaster recovery of UF data
• Expands capacity for research and the High Performance Computing Center
• Allows for growth and expansion of existing academic and administrative services

For more information about the facility, please contact David Burdette of UFIT’s Computing & Networking Services.