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Two Power Feeds Now Supply Main Campus Data Center

machine-room main campus data center

On February 1, UFIT completed a power-feed upgrade to the main campus data center, located in the Bryant Space Science Center Building. This upgrade ensures that fully-redundant, dual-power is available for the critical information technology services housed there, like e-Learning (Sakai) servers, email, UF’s Web servers, the campus mainframe, and many other systems.

While most office equipment has a single power-plug, data center servers and network gear are built with two power-plugs so that if one loses power, the device can still receive power through the other plug. However, even though each piece of data center equipment has two power-plugs, previously both plugs were plugged into the same building power-feed. That provided protection against accidentally pulled-out plugs or defective power supplies, but was far from the level of reliability UF needs.

For this project, UFIT tapped into a distinct power feed that comes from a separate power substation. The work included running a second feed from this new supply to the second plugs of all data center equipment. Utilizing two distinct power feeds creates a much higher degree of reliability for the IT services provided. Please email David Burdette, Associate Director, Data Center Services, if you have any questions about this upgrade.