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The ‘ufvisitor’ Network Now in Infinity Hall

Student inside UF's Infinity Hall

A need emerged as more businesses come together to work with the University of Florida and its students: Enable Internet access to unaffiliated partners and guests. The ufvisitor wireless network provides Internet access to campus visitors who do not have a GatorLink account, but ufvisitor isn’t time-limited, nor is it part of SafeConnect, the UF service protecting computers on the uf wireless network.

“We saw a need with more external contractors and campus visitors, like those coming to recruit our students. These people need Wi-Fi access,” said Steven Baggett, wireless engineer at Student Affairs IT. “It made sense to partner with UFIT to also provide ufvisitor in designated public spaces.”

After implementing ufvisitor in areas at Infinity Hall, Student Affairs IT also added it to the Cypress Hall Gathering Room and Corry Village Community Center. Visit the Student Affairs website to learn more about this implementation. Anyone with questions about the technology in Infinity Hall or who needs Internet support in UF’s residence halls should email the Student Affairs IT team.