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September 5 is Wi-Fi Network ‘D-Day’: Compliance Enforced!

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After months of warning, “Wireless Network D-Day” has arrived:

On Wednesday, September 5, anyone using a device not in compliance with the new Wi-Fi requirements will be denied network access.

The September 5 compliance deadline affects main campus users only. The new Wi-Fi network is not yet available at the Academic Health Center.

There are approximately 1000 users of UF’s Wi-Fi Network without required anti-virus software on their devices. The majority of the non-compliant users are accessing the network on Mac devices. Don’t lose your access! Check NOW that your laptop has the required security by visiting

Why is UF doing this?

New and more destructive malware attacks are reported every day. It is vital that students, faculty, and staff protect the networks carrying UF research data, administrative information, and student records. The anti-virus check also serves as a reminder to all users that their files and personal information are worth protecting, too!

Faculty using UF-owned laptops to connect to UF’s Wi-Fi should first contact their department IT group to update that machine. For assistance with wireless access call (352-392-HELP/4357), visit (132 HUB), or email the UF Computing Help Desk.

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