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RedHat Linux Platform Available FREE @ UF

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All UF-affiliated departments, colleges and organizations are eligible for unlimited, zero-cost access to RedHat server and desktop/workstation installs. To date, 44 UF organizations have taken advantage of the site-wide license, with 117 administrators managing 822 systems!

Be Efficient – Reduce the cost of your operations!
Budgets are compressed across UF. Running proprietary operating systems on proprietary hardware is very expensive. Standardizing on RedHat/x86 architectures provided a highly-supported and stable platform with similar (or better) performance than previous platforms. Other cost savings are found in higher virtualization opportunities, focused training capabilities, and greater knowledge transfer with peers inside and outside of UF.

Be Responsive – Reduce the risk to your implementations!
UF RedHat subscriptions receive 24×7 premium support. By managing implementations via UFIT’s satellite service security, patching and systems management is simplified, keeping UF systems and data safe.

Be Innovative – Increase your impact at UF!
All registered administrators using UF satellite can share knowledge with each other, register feedback on the service, receive updated information on the service, and information on upcoming Linux-related opportunities.

Become a part of UF’s RedHat community! Review how to take advantage of this opportunity in the UFIT Service Catalog.

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