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Realizing Productivity Savings for UF

PHOTO: Arie Havelaar_IFAS Livestock Innovation Lab_WHO Collaborating Centre for Risk Assessment of Pathogens in Food and Water

In FY19, the University of Florida realized more than $2 million in increased productivity through the use of the Zoom collaboration tool. The computation was determined by averaging a 10 minute travel time to/from each face-to-face meeting where Zoom is now used in its place; and multiplying that 20 minutes of saved travel time by a median hourly faculty/staff salary of $40 per hour. The $2,019,700 in increased productivity is a byproduct of Zoom’s rapid adoption rate across campus: UF logged 60,590 Zoom meetings (amounting to more than 12 million minutes) with 270,456 total participants in the 2018-2019 fiscal year. In addition to Zoom’s administrative and recruiting uses, faculty utilize Zoom to collaborate with staff in Gainesville while overseas:

“Zoom is one of the best things that happened to us in the last few years. We use Zoom for our communications needs within the Livestock Innovation lab,” said Arie Havelaar, preeminent professor of global food safety and zoonoses. “While in Africa conducting research (pictured), we work with our colleagues at UF all the time through Zoom, and our experiences have been great!”

Visit the webpage for information on how to set up a free Zoom Pro account.