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Price Reductions on Popular Services

Smathers East Library Lobby

Innovative “next generation” technologies, coupled with streamlined account set-up and billing processes, means that UF Information Technology can reduce prices on a number of popular services.

It is our hope that the lower monthly costs can free up faculty time to focus on research or projects, without worrying about purchasing and maintaining hardware and software resources, or administering servers.

Significant price reductions are now in place for the following services:

File Server Hosting
Need large amounts of storage for courses or research? UFIT will manage the hardware and storage needs, and ensure your data and files are backed up.

Web Server Hosting
IIS Web sites are housed in UF’s private computing cloud, making it highly available and disaster-ready. UFIT provides a secure environment and easy access to manage site content and application functionality.

MSSQL Database Hosting
Databases live in UFIT’s highly-available, disaster-hardened MSSQL environment–with redundant, multiple infrastructure layers for continuity of operation.

UFIT is sponsoring CNS Hosting Day on October 31 in Smathers 1-A (Library East). This is a great opportunity to learn about new technologies and available services, as well as the recent price reductions. For more information contact the Open Systems Group.

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