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Prepare for Skype Deprecation by Reviewing Collaboration Options

GRAPHIC: Microsoft Teams Logo

With Skype for Business sunset date approaching (May 9), now is the time to become familiar with other free options provided at UF for collaboration needs like chat, video meetings, and file sharing. Multiple options are available on the GatorCloud and on UFIT’s
Video Collaboration Services site.

When Skype sunsets on May 9, all meetings currently scheduled (either a single meeting or a recurring series) in Skype will be migrated to Microsoft Teams. With Teams you have the services available in Skype but with additional features. We’ve posted a Skype to Teams comparison PDF showing the expanded set of features. There are two very helpful PDFs on the Teams site detailing how to migrate Skype meetings into Teams, one written for end-users and one for IT staff. There is also a Teams “Quick Start” guide to help you transition to Microsoft’s replacement for Skype.

Please reach out to your area’s IT support if you have questions about Skype’s deprecation, how it might impact any scheduled meetings, and what tools they recommend to help you continue collaborating and conducting university business.