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Next-Gen Campus Border Network Installed

PHOTO: A Moonlit image of UF Century Tower

Work is underway on UF’s next-generation network. The project, along with its companion “UFNet3” upgrade, aligns with The Decade Ahead master plan goal, “A physical infrastructure and efficient administration and support structure that enable preeminence.”

This past summer, an entirely new campus border network–one that quickens the connection to the rest of the world–was deployed. The deployment increased connection speed to the Florida LambdaRail statewide fiber optic network to 200Gbps, enabling research, clinical applications, and education activities through high-speed communications. In everyday terms, the increase to 200Gbps is enough capacity to transfer the entire contents of a Blue-ray disc in about three seconds. Completion of this upgrade is the first step in enabling gigabit to the desktop, which will empower research and teaching and learning across campus.

Simultaneous to this work, UFIT is also in the final planning phase for the campus backbone upgrade. Called “UFNet3,” the new network will offer campus building connectivity up to 100Gbps, allowing for a minimum of 1G connectivity to each desktop computer. UFNet3 will also provide for additional security as part of UF’s virtual network environments initiative. For more information please contact UFIT’s Communications group.