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Updated ‘Trouble-Ticket’ Entry Page for CNS

CNS Rack Wiring

On February 20, the upgraded Remedy software debuts. This phase of the Remedy upgrade only affects CNS trouble tickets and service requests.

The upgraded Remedy software looks and behaves differently than the current version. If you currently submit tickets online from one of the CNS Web sites for services such as networking, hosting services, or mainframe systems, continue using the same links you do now. Customers can also go directly to:

Click on the “for UFIT Units” button to enter a CNS ticket. Additional buttons will be added as more units join the new system.

If you are reporting a system outage or other emergency, send a trouble ticket, but also telephone CNS, 392-2291. CNS is staffed 24/7 to field emergency calls.

NOTE: This change applies only to CNS requests regarding CNS-specific services. Service tickets with the UF Computing Help Desk continue to go through

There is additional information on the CNS Web site. If you have any questions or would like to comment on the new system, please e-mail