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New Service: UF Dropbox for Faculty

Image: UF + Dropbox

UF Dropbox for Education is available for all faculty. The service enables academic and research collaboration using the same easy interface and functionality as Dropbox Personal and Dropbox Business. Leveraging the UF Dropbox, faculty members can:

• Easily share files, across campus or worldwide
• Access up to 20GB of storage
• Collaborate via Microsoft Office on documents

UF Dropbox for Faculty provides “Anywhere, Anytime” access, and is both device- and platform-agnostic. The service is a safe and secure way to share data, because data is encrypted in transit and at rest. (Multiple layers of redundancy and security keep what’s in UF Dropbox for Faculty safe and compliant with university policies and regulations.)

The UF Dropbox for Faculty signup process is quick and easy! Faculty may sign up on the website. Follow the left-hand navigation links to begin the sign-up process. Questions? There’s an FAQ under the sign-up link for the service. Please contact the UF Computing Help Desk if you have questions not covered on the FAQ page.