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Malware Bytes Software on UF-Owned Devices

GRAPHIC: Malware Bytes wallpaper downloaded from their website.

Malware Bytes recently contacted the university, informing us that we are not in compliance with the terms of their End-User License Agreement (EULA). Please read the following statements from Malware Bytes and work with your local IT support to take any necessary action. The goal is to remove any instances of the Malware Bytes product that is not licensed. The [consolidated] statements received from Malware Bytes are that:

“The UF domain has well over 700 downloads / registrations of our consumer product which is prohibited by an EULA. These downloads have taken place since January 2017, that’s over 100 per month. That volume typically indicates an issue that needs to be addressed. The consumer version is licensed for home use only. Faculty and staff (including your help desk shop) no matter what device, are not licensed properly if using our consumer product. We require that group to license our business products. If a student is using our product on their own device there is no issue with a trial purchase. We welcome the use of our consumer product by students.”

Anyone with questions about the Malware Bytes consumer product license should reread the terms of their agreement and verify (https://www.malwarebytes.com/products/) that they are using the correct license.