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Major Milestone: Retirement of the UF Mainframe

PHOTO: UF Data Center Operations Team on UF Mainframe Shutdown Day

The University of Florida Mainframe computer in service since 1972, was officially retired on October 2, 2019. The shutdown was a goal identified and committed to as part of the
2015-2020 UF Stategic Goals for IT and advances the technology path required for UF’s Rise to Five.

The projects completed before the Mainframe could officially be retired were developed and coordinated with UF’s core academic and administrative offices as part of COMPASS. Efforts to understand the impact to campus business processes, gather requirements, plan, and deploy multiple projects–all while having needed systems and data available–took four years to complete. Computing processes and legacy systems previously run on the Mainframe were transferred to new, more agile environments, allowing for future growth and expansion of services to meet the business needs of the university.

The UF Mainframe retirement took place in the UF Data Center. Anyone with questions about the Mainframe retirement may email the UFIT Communications group.