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Mainframe Decommission: June 30, 2019

PHOTO: Mainframe computer at UF in 1971

With the COMPASS program work nearing completion, the COMPASS executive committee announced that the UF Mainframe computer will begin its sunset June 30, 2019. The Mainframe has been in service since 1972.

The majority of legacy systems are off the Mainframe, and the student data formerly housed there has not been updated since last fall. A report from February 1-February 14 showed 900 Mainframe interactions, but it’s only a handful of pages actually being touched. UFIT’s project management staff are now calling users running reports or using processes that are still hitting Mainframe pages.

If you pull annual reports near or after the new fiscal year, please reach out to UFIT now. This refers to any reporting process you run that requires viewing or consuming data including (but not limited to) enrollment, financial information, student information, student, faculty, or staff names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and university affiliations. UFIT staff ( will be happy to work with you to determine a new way to accomplish your tasks.