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Keeping UF Networked and Prepared for What’s Next

PHOTO: UFIT staff member Tanner Bammert

UFIT’s Refresh & Rehab group manages network equipment for hundreds of university buildings. Their efforts result in less network maintenance, improved equipment compatibility, and better security and reliability of UF’s network connections for teaching, research, and administrative work.

Each project includes replacing network switches, adding, replacing, or repositioning wireless access points, and checking that the uninterrupted power supply is in good shape. Think of it as roadwork needed on a much traveled highway: If you drive I-75 or Newberry Road each day, you know where the slow spots are or where the road has potholes that need filling. That is a good analogy for the work done by the Refresh & Rehab staff. When they complete maintenance on a building, the information on the UF Network can travel a smoother road.

In FY20, the group upgraded equipment in 26 buildings, replaced 259 switches, and added 477 wireless access points. Replacing the equipment provides increased security and scalability for future bandwidth needs. UFIT’s Refresh & Rehab schedule for 2021-Q1 is online, and includes multiple buildings IFAS uses to conduct multidisciplinary research and outreach on Florida fish and plant life. Anyone with questions or who would like to submit a work request may do so via