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July 27: Enhancements to O365 GatorMail

SCREENGRAB: Phish Alert Report Button

On July 27, two enhancements will deploy in GatorMail, UF’s O365 email service:
(1) Anyone already enrolled in two-factor authentication (2FA) who wants to access O365 services provided through UF (email, Sharepoint, Skype, etc.) through the web will now be required to two-factor. (2) A phishing alert button will be visible. Anyone needing assistance with these enhancements may contact the UF Computing Help Desk:

Multi-Factor in Place
All students and staff whose email has been moved from Exchange to GatorMail, and who are enrolled in two-factor authentication, will be required to 2FA in order to access email and Microsoft applications via the web. The July 27 enhancements do not have any impact when using UF-managed devices.

Phishing Alert Button
The phishing alert button (shown) will be available on the task ribbon in GatorMail on both Windows and Mac devices. If you think you received a malicious email, then open the email and click on the phishing alert button. This action will send the potentially dangerous email to UF Information Security Office staff, who can analyze its content and follow up as required. Using the phishing alert button allows the full header of the email (i.e., details of who sent it and from where) to be investigated.