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Increased Internet Capacity for UF

Staff using a tablet and wireless connectivity outside

Competition and technology advances have led to a dramatic decrease in the cost of Internet service. Taking advantage of available cost savings, UFIT has proactively increased the available Internet bandwidth to stay ahead of growing customer demand. This increase–doubling the current Internet capacity–is a revenue neutral upgrade, meaning the costs remain the same as when purchasing lower bandwidth volume.

Extra bandwith is extremely valuable because it enhances the experience of online course delivery, especially for those students watching outside of the local network area. Additional bandwidth also means applications that utilize audio and video collaboration, such as videoconferencing services and cloud-based applications, will be delivered at a consistently high performance level.

Most of the bandwidth increase is due to the university’s position as an equity member in Florida LambdaRail, a statewide optical network. UFIT also negotiated an upgrade to Internet services provided by Cox Communications.

Interested in UF’s network traffic volume? UFIT’s Network Services group has information available on their Web site. For more information about recent increases in Internet bandwidth contact Dan Miller.