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Improving the Video Meeting Experience

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Whether you’re about to watch a lecture, present, or participate in a meeting, it’s a good idea to check your settings and surroundings beforehand. While multiple video collaboration tools are available at UF, these tips focus on Zoom, the most-used video collaboration service on campus:

1. …Check your tech
Before starting or joining a meeting, check your microphone and speakers work by joining a test meeting through the Zoom website.
2. …Manage your meeting space
Many UF community members have roommates or share space with children participating in online schooling. If it’s possible, try to connect to your video call in a quiet room or space away from other activity in your home.
3. …Privacy matters
Be mindful of what others can see in your space. To protect your privacy, choose a virtual background. (Click the “Video” button in Zoom, then “Choose a Virtual Background.”) Remember, motion-filled backgrounds can be problematic for some participants.
4. …Contribute to meeting quality
When not speaking, keep your microphone muted and use Zoom’s chat feature or other nonverbal feedback features to communicate. No reason for anyone else to hear your dog alerting you that Amazon Prime has arrived!

Visit UF’s Zoom homepage or the “Keep Zoom Secure” website for more helpful tips.