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Improved Wi-Fi for Campus Classrooms

WiFi radio waves

A four-year project is underway to deliver desktop-like network experiences to Mobile users across campus.  Users of laptops, netbooks, PDAs, Smartphones, and other wireless Ethernet-ready devices will be able to access the UF Network from almost anywhere on campus, and remain Mobile while using email, watching the replay of a class lecture, or surfing the Web.

There are currently about 1600 wireless access points across campus serving about 10,000 simultaneous users.   Since this project began, 250 additional wireless access points have been installed in classrooms– up from 100 last year.  The current phase of this project includes the installation of 150 more wireless activity points installed in campus classrooms by July, 2012

Additional wireless access points are planned for large student study areas like the libraries and the Hub, as well as for offices, conference rooms, and outdoor plaza areas of campus.  This project is expected to increase the total number of wireless access points on campus by an additional 1500-2000 over the next four years.

Contact Todd Hester with any questions about the Wi-Fi project.