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Hosting Solutions

Racks of Servers for Hosting

Whether it’s budget, physical space, energy usage, or staff time, every dollar, inch, watt, and minute counts! Cut costs, free staff time, and increase sustainability by taking advantage of UFIT’s Hosting Services. Infrastructure Hosting, Managed Web, and Database Hosting packages are available.

Departments may choose Infrastructure Hosting, which provides cloud and virtualization software with VMware. By utilizing the Storage as a service of Infrastructure Hosting, IT directors no longer have to worry about managing file servers and can instead focus their time and energy on other tasks. Virtual Machine Hosting eliminates the need for physical servers, saving space and reducing utility costs for power and cooling.

Managed Web and Database Hosting services vary, based on levels of software management, computing, and storage resources needs. Whether a department needs an IIS or Apache Web server, or a Microsoft SQL or MySQL database, UFIT has you covered! All services are offered independently and in combination for maximum efficiency–including combinations of Windows and Linux platforms–to suit department requirements.

Infrastructure Hosting and Managed Web and Database Hosting is available to all departments, including UFHealth departments. A variety of packages have been designed to fit the storage needs of different departments, plus reliable back-up services ensure the safety of your data.

Email UFIT’s Open Systems Group or visit their Website for more information on available services and packages.